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PV Power price policy adjustment to promote the healthy and orderly development of photovoltaic industry

Edit: DS New Energy    Date: Aug 02, 2018

December 2017, the National Development and Reform Commission issued a notice on the 2018 PV project Price policy and said, in order to implement the "Energy Development Strategy Action Plan (2014-2020)" On the new energy benchmark grid price gradually Xianpo demand, reasonable guide new energy investment, promote the healthy and orderly development of photovoltaic power generation industry, decided to adjust the 2018-year PV power grid benchmarking policy. 

Notice stipulates that after January 1, 2018, the operation of photovoltaic power stations, a class, two categories, three types of resource areas of the benchmark price reduced to 0.55 yuan per kilowatt hour, 0.65 yuan and 0.75 yuan, compared to 2017 electricity price per kwh reduction of 0.1 yuan.

Since 2019, all PV projects included in the annual scale management of financial subsidy have been implemented according to the time of operation of the benchmarking price. In addition, after January 1, 2018, the distribution of distributed photovoltaic power generation, belonging to the "spontaneous use, residual electricity access" mode, the total electricity subsidy standard reduced to 0.37 yuan per kwh, compared with the current subsidy standard per kwh reduction of 0.05 yuan. For the use of "full access" mode of distributed photovoltaic power generation projects according to the location of the PV power station price implementation.

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