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  • Designed to meet the needs of commercial and industrial solar power system in Asia Pacific. The 80KTL-M is a three-phase, grid-tied, transformerless inverter that can be mounted close to solar PV panels without the use of a house or container.With an optimized grip and bolts to make installation easier,the solar inverter can be whether attached to a wall or installed at large-scale ground-mounted solar PV arrays. Additional features of the 80KTL-M, includes efficiency of 99%, an MPP voltage range spanning 200 to 1,000 volts, 4 maximum power point trackers (MPPT), comprehensive Protection dealing with DC and AC to make sure solar power plant’s safe operating.
  • With the growth of diamond wire sawing, black silicon’s popularity has soared quickly and it has brought about a resurgence in multicrystalline silicon with the benefits of cost effective and high efficiency for PV industry. Black silicon deals with front side texturing and has no conflicts with other processes like diffusion, passivation, or metallization,moreover, black silicon can be combined with PERC technology, which makes multi-PERC much more competitive compared with mono-PERC. Industrialized poly black silicon with the PERC process, an average conversion efficiency of 20.5% had been achieved and the corresponding solar module can attain 290W.
  • Encapsulated with high-efficiency Mono solar cells, this family of high-performance panels provides the most cost-effective solution for reducing the LCOE of various PV systems including residential,commercial and utility-scale solar power system.
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    DS New Energy is focused on solar power technology development and application headquartered in Hangzhou , China. We provide solar power plant investment consultant,design and building service.
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