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Advanced Industrial Solar Cell Technology And Module Technology In China

Edit: DS New Energy    Date: Sep 30, 2018

High efficiency solar modules generally refer to modules that have a significant increase in conversion efficiency by optimizing the cell structure, improving the module fabrication process, or using new materials. At present, high-efficiency technologies for solar cell include, PERC, IBC, HIT, N-type bifacial, MWT, etc. Especially PERC technology have become the mainstream of technology popular in solar cell enterprises of China; among module technology, double glass, shingled-cell, and half-cell are the most representative new technology, especially worth mentioned is the shingled-cell technology which can effectively improve the solar module conversion efficiency, alongside with the cost-effectiveness.


The shingled-cell structure can increase the effective power generation area and make full use of the space in the module. In shingled-cell module, more than 6% solar cell can be arranged compared to conventional module with the same area; due to the optimization of the module structure, the line loss of the module is greatly reduced. The more active area increases the power output of the module; the minimum power loss during the module packaging process is ensured, and the hot spot effect of the module is effectively reduced; the reliability greatly exceeds the third-party certification test standard. In addition, the shingled-cell technology can combine with a variety of new industrial cell technologies such as PERC, black silicon, HIT, N-type, etc., and the superposition effect is even better than the sum of individual technology gains. With higher efficiency and lower loss, the shingled technology will further promote the development of high-efficiency module packaging technology in China.


It is reported that the shingled-cell module conversion efficiency of the DZS solar has reached 19.4%, far exceeding the requirements of the front runners and super front runners. In the application of photovoltaic power system, the shingled-cell module fully represents the purpose of “reducing cost and increasing efficiency”. On one hand, the shingled-cell technology greatly reduces the series resistance and eliminates the front main grid line shading, so that the temperature rise of the module is much lower than that of the conventional modules, and the power generation is obviously improved in application; on the other hand, the high conversion efficiency of the shingled-cell module can save PV system footprint, decrease module transportation cost, lower BOS (refers to all components of photovoltaic power generation system except photovoltaic modules, such as cables, combiner boxes, mounting structure, etc.), and effectively reduce the cost of electricity. Therefore, whether used in distributed photovoltaic projects which is in domestically expanded growth, or in  front-runner or super-runner project, or in overseas ground-mounted power station, the shingled-cell modules have an outstanding advantage.

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