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Safety Instructions Of Storage Inverter

Edit: DS New Energy    Date: Sep 30, 2018

1.    Please accurately know which kind of battery system you need, lithium battery system or led-acid battery system, if you choose the wrong system, energy storage system doesn’t work normally.

2.    Before starting the inverter, read all instructions and cautionary marking on the unit,the batteries and all appropriate sections of product manual. The vendors have the right to refuse quality assurance, if not according to the instructions of the manual for installation and cause equipment damage.

3.    All the operation and connection should be done by professional electrical or mechanical engineer.

4.    When install PV modules in the daytime, installer should cover the PV modules by

opaque materials, otherwise it will be dangerous as high terminal voltage of

modules in the sunshine.

5.    To reduce risk of electric shock, disconnect all wirings before attempting any

maintenance or cleaning. Turning off the unit will not reduce this risk.

6.    NEVER charge a frozen battery.

7.    Be very cautious when working with metal tools on or around batteries. A

potential risk exists to drop a tool to spark or short circuit batteries or other

electrical parts and could cause an explosion.

8.    GROUNDING -This inverter should be connected to a permanent grounded wiring system.

9.    NEVER cause AC output and DC input short circuited. Do NOT connect to the

mains when DC input short circuits.

10.  Make sure the inverter is completely assembled, before operation.

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