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PV Application Market pattern and structure greatly optimized

Edit: DS New Energy    Date: Aug 02, 2018

2015, the national cumulative PV installed capacity of more than 1 Million-kilowatt provinces to reach 11. Among them, the Central and eastern region has 6 provinces cumulative Installed capacity of more than 1 Million-kilowatt.

The situation of PV installed in the western region has changed, showing the pattern of common development in the east and the west. 2016, China's PV application market pattern has been further optimized. Data show that 2016 new photovoltaic power generation installed in the country, outside the northwest area of 24.8 million kilowatts, accounting for 72% of the country.

Among them, the number of new installed capacity of more than 1 Million-kilowatt in central and eastern regions reached 9, and distributed PV ratio increased rapidly.

In the 2016, China's PV application market pattern and structure took place "double transformation": first, the market pattern center shifted from northwest to Middle East, and the market structure center of gravity also shifted from terrestrial photovoltaic power station to distributed PV. 

2017, distributed PV has become a bright spot in the development of PV market in China. The National Energy Bureau released data shows that 2017 distributed PV installed capacity reached 19.44 million kilowatts, more than 360%, far over 5 years of distributed PV total installed capacity. Among them, Zhejiang, Shandong, Anhui Province, three distributed photovoltaic new installed capacity accounted for 45.7% of the country.

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