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Classification of solar power generation systems

Edit: DS New Energy    Date: Aug 02, 2018

Solar power generation systems are divided into off-grid generation systems, GRID-connected power generation systems and distributed generation systems:

1, off-grid power generation system is mainly composed of solar cell components, controllers, batteries, such as output power for the exchange of 220V or 110V, but also need to configure the inverter. 

2. The grid-connected power generation system is the direct access to the public grid after the DC power generated by the solar module is converted to the AC power requirement by the grid-connected inverter. Grid-connected power generation system has centralized large-scale grid-connected power stations are generally state-level power plants, the main feature is that the power generation can be directly transported to the grid, the unified deployment of power grids to the user power. But this kind of power plant invests big, the construction period is long, occupies the area to be big, has not had the big development.

The decentralized small-scale grid-connected power generation system, especially the integrated PV power generation system, is the mainstream of grid-connected power generation because of its advantages such as small investment, fast construction, small footprint and strong policy support.

3, distributed generation system, also known as decentralized power generation or distributed energy supply, refers to the user site or near the site to configure a small photovoltaic power supply system to meet the needs of specific users, support the existing distribution network economic operation, or meet both requirements. The basic equipment of distributed PV System includes PV module, PV array bracket, DC bus box, DC power distribution cabinet, grid-connected inverter, AC power distribution cabinet and other equipments, as well as power system monitoring device and environmental monitoring device.

Its operating mode is in the condition that there is solar radiation, photovoltaic system of solar module array of solar energy conversion output of electricity, through the DC bus into the DC distribution cabinet, from the grid-connected inverter to the AC power supply construction of its own load, redundant or insufficient power by connecting the grid to adjust.

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