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Why Should The Battery In The Solar Street Lamp Be Buried Underground?
Aug 02, 2018

Speaking of solar street lights, I believe we are very familiar with, whether it is rural roads, Park district, city streets, such as large and small public places, will always see the figure of Solar street lamp, it has become the main force of modern lighting, always play an important role.

The Solar street lamp converts the natural light source into the electric energy for illumination, it has the advantages of energy saving and durability, low maintenance cost, clean pollution-free, and has been favored by all walks of life. The failure rate of solar street lamps is very low, and its service life is also relatively long, but the solar street lamp, there is a component will often easily loss, that is the battery. In general, Solar street lamp batteries are buried underground, but do you know why the battery is buried in the ground?

What's the effect of burying in the ground? The use of buried type is mainly related to the type of battery, solar street lamp batteries using colloidal batteries, lead-acid batteries, large volume, heavy weight, can not be placed in the lamp or air, so can only use buried type.

So what are the benefits of buried storage for batteries?

      1, anti-theft Battery is an important part of the solar street lamp, the price is also more expensive, natural will be some criminals stare.

Therefore, the battery must be buried in the depths of the underground, can not be buried too shallow, in order to prevent the thieves to provide convenience.

      2. Prevent the battery from flooding Battery is very afraid of water, although said in the battery outside the waterproof measures, but in order to better play the role of waterproofing, the need for four weeks with cement to cover treatment, and further strengthen the waterproof measures.

There are also some of the construction of the installation of waterproof battery box waterproof.

      3, Antifreeze

The battery is normally used in -30℃~-60 ℃, but in the extremely cold environment, will reduce the battery's endurance, very individual will also stop working condition, so said, if in the colder north to install solar street lamp, it is necessary to put the battery buried in more than 2 meters deep, this can maintain a certain temperature. With the development of science and technology, lithium batteries are also gradually applied to the solar street lamp, it has a large capacity, long life, easy to install, instead of lead acid and colloidal batteries, to prolong the life of solar street lamp has played a key role.

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