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Can Solar Battery And Automobile Battery Be Universal?

DS New Energy | Updated: Aug 02, 2018

The two are not universal, that is, what is the difference between solar-specific colloidal batteries and automotive batteries.

1, the application of the environment is different, the use of solar-specific colloidal batteries than car batteries, automotive battery is generally installed in the car, the space environment conditions than deep buried in the field of solar dedicated battery conditions good.

2, the difference between the discharge current, the solar colloid battery is a long-term small current discharge, and the car battery is instantaneous large current start discharge. 

3, discharge depth is different: solar colloid battery discharge depth, the general solar lamp Night lighting 8-10 hours, the battery to continue the discharge, rainy days, batteries are not charged by day, discharge depth often reach more than 70%, if the solar street lamp system in the battery configuration small, That battery is often put in place.

Car battery Only instantaneous start is the discharge, even if the night driving, battery discharge process while the car is charging for the battery, the discharge depth shallow. 

4, charging protection, solar colloid battery is through solar panels to absorb sunlight to convert light energy into electric energy for battery charging, rainy days or lack of light, the battery is in the state of not charging, and when the light is sufficient, in the overcharge, the battery has a seasonal lack of charge and overcharge phenomenon.

Car batteries in the driving, has been in the floating state, has a good charge protection, while the car charging control system for charging current and accurate control of voltage, with temperature compensation function. The above is the solar special colloid battery and the difference between the automobile battery, therefore, in the solar system, the best use of solar dedicated colloid battery, to ensure the stable operation of the system.

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