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Beneficial Policy News Boosting Photovoltaic Concept Stocks Rise In China

DS New Energy | Updated: Nov 06, 2018

In the early morning of November 5, photovoltaic concept stocks soared sharply. Sunshine Power, Zhonglai Shares, Tongwei Shares, Longji Shares and other stocks have daily limit of 10%. On the news front, the National Energy Administration held a meeting on November 2, emphasizing that photovoltaics are one of the main clean energy supported by the state and will receive more support in the future.

 11-2 PV Meeting

It is reported that on November 2, the National Energy Administration organized a symposium on the results of the mid-term evaluation of the 13th Five-Year Plan for solar energy development. The meeting pointed that photovoltaics are still the key clean energy supported by the state and will receive more support in the future.


Before 2022, the state will continue to provide subsidies. In 2019, the relevant policies of the photovoltaic industry will be accelerated, which will greatly increase the "13th Five-Year Plan" photovoltaic construction goals.

Ground Mounting Solar PV Power Plant 

The main leaders of the New Energy Ministry raised five points:


1. Photovoltaic is a key clean energy supported by the state. It will be more supportive in the future and will not change.


2. It is clear that PV will continue to have subsidy support while ensuring installment capacity scale.


3. The Energy Bureau is making adjustments to the 13th Five-Year Plan to significantly increase the goal of PV construction.


4. Speed up the introduction of next year's policy and stabilize market expectations.


5. Residential PV are approved to be managed on its own scale, separated from the industrial and commercial PV, giving more support.


 As reported that the relevant leaders of the National Energy Administration will continue to support the rapid development of photovoltaics, one of the key clean energy supported by the state.


Before 2022, subsidy will be gradually decreased, and will not be be cut in short time to promot the process of grid parity.


Before actually entering the comprehensive “de-subsidy”, the National Energy Administration will still guarantee a certain amount of subsidy installed capacity each year and promote further decline in subsidy intensity. It is reported that in the next month or more, the National Energy Administration will focus on accelerating the introduction of relevant policies for the photovoltaic industry in 2019 to provide guarantee for the stable development of the PV market.


According to China's current manufacturing scale and the development goals of some power investment companies, China needs 40GW of new installations per year to maintain the orderly development of the industry and further reduce costs through economies of scale.


According to the discussion of relevant leaders and participants, the goal of 210GW is also a bit low. The PV installation target of China's solar energy development “13th Five-Year Plan” is expected to be adjusted to more than 250GW, or even 270GW. In the future, the Energy Research Institute of the National Development and Reform Commission, the General Electric Power Institute and other institutions will conduct detailed investigations on the medium-term adjustment of the “13th Five-Year Plan” for photovoltaic and thermal power generation in combination with real developments, and make corresponding adjustments.


Relevant leaders of the National Energy Administration also made an appeal at the meeting, hoping that PV industry associations, institutions, enterprises and governments will support each other and jointly safeguard the healthy development of clean energy.

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