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Production process of solar panel

Edit: DS New Energy    Date: Aug 02, 2018

(1) Slicing: the use of multi-line cutting, the silicon rod cut into a square wafer.

(2) Cleaning: Using conventional wafer cleaning method, and then using acid (or alkali) solution will cut the surface of the wafer damage layer to remove 30-50um.

(3) Preparation of velvet surface: the use of alkali solution to the silicon wafer anisotropic corrosion on the wafer surface to prepare the velvet surface.

(4) Phosphorus diffusion: using coating source (or liquid source, or solid nitrogen phosphate flake source) for diffusion, made pn+ knot, knot deep generally for 0.3-0.5um.

(5) Peripheral etching: diffusion layer formed on the surface of silicon wafer when diffused, it can short-circuit the upper and lower electrodes of the battery, and remove the peripheral diffusion layer by masking wet etching or plasma dry etching. 

(6) Remove the back pn+ knot.Common wet etching or abrasive plate method to remove the back pn+ knot. 

(7) production of Upper and lower electrodes: vacuum evaporation, electroless nickel plating or aluminum paste printing and sintering process. Make the lower electrode first and then make the upper electrode.Aluminum paste printing is a large number of process methods used. 

(8) Production of antireflection film: In order to reduce the reflection loss, to the silicon wafer surface covering a layer of antireflection film. The materials for making antireflection films are MgF2, SiO2, Al2O3, SiO, Si3N4, TiO2, TA2O5, etc.

The process method can be used in vacuum coating, ion plating, sputtering, printing, pecvd or spraying.

(9) Sintering: sintering the battery chip on the base plate of nickel or copper.

(10) Test files: According to the specifications of parameters, test classification.

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