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Characteristics of solar power generation system

Edit: DS New Energy    Date: Aug 02, 2018

1, Solar energy is inexhaustible.

It is estimated that the amount of solar energy projected into the Earth in one year is equivalent to 137 trillion tonnes of tce of heat, about 20,000 times times the energy generated by the use of energy in the global year.

2, the solar energy in the conversion process will not have the environment-threatening pollution. 

3, solar energy resources throughout the world, can be dispersed, regional mining.

About 2/3 of the regions in China can make good use of solar energy resources.

4, photovoltaic power generation is intermittent, there is sunlight to generate electricity, and the power generation and the intensity of the sun is proportional to the relationship.

5, photovoltaic power generation is static operation, no moving parts, long life, no need or minimal maintenance.

6, PV System Modular, can be installed near the electricity consumption, in areas far away from the grid, can reduce transmission and distribution costs, increase the reliability of power supply facilities.

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