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The Advantages Of Solar Energy

DS New Energy | Updated: Aug 02, 2018

1, solar energy inexhaustible, the Earth's surface to receive solar radiation, to meet global energy demand 10,000 times times. As long as solar photovoltaic systems are installed in 4% of the world's deserts, the electricity generated can meet global needs.

Solar power generation is safe and reliable, and will not suffer from energy crisis or instability of fuel market;

2, solar energy can be anywhere, the nearest power supply, do not need long-distance transportation, to avoid long-distance transmission line loss;

3, the solar energy does not use the fuel, the operation cost is very low;

4, solar power generation has no moving parts, not easy to use damage, maintenance is simple, especially suitable for use in unattended situations;

5, solar power generation will not produce any waste, no pollution, noise and other public hazards, no adverse impact on the environment, is the ideal clean energy; 

6, Solar power generation system construction period is short, convenient and flexible, and can increase or decrease according to the load, arbitrarily add or reduce the capacity of solar array, to avoid waste.

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