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Judging The Quality Of Solar Battery

DS New Energy | Updated: Aug 02, 2018

Mainly from the following points of departure:

 The advantages of solar colloid battery are mainly embodied in low temperature environment, service life, discharge depth and discharge efficiency.

1. Gel electrolyte , no internal short-circuit.

 Large heat capacity, heat dissipation ability, can avoid the general battery easily produced heat runaway phenomenon, because at high temperature operation is extremely reliable, the battery will not produce "dry" phenomenon, operating temperature range wide.

2, because the battery is colloidal solid, so the electrolyte concentration uniformity, there is no acid stratification phenomenon.

3, the acid concentration is low, to the plate corrosion is weak, may adopt the unique tube type plate, therefore the battery life is long. 

4, the battery plate using antimony-free alloy, battery self-discharge very low.

Two years after storage at 20°c, 50 % of the above capacity, that is, no need to replenish electricity for two years.

5, ultra strong withstand the deep discharge and the high current discharge ability, has the overcharge and over discharges the self protection performance.

6, battery resistance to deep discharge ability, 100% after discharge can still continue to be connected to the load, in Samsung Charge in the period can restore the original capacity.

7, the use of a new invention patented PVC separators to ensure that the battery has better consistency and discharge performance. 

8, the battery floating charge design life 6/12v design life of 12-15 years; 2v:15-20 years.

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