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    • N Type Mono Bifacial PERT Solar Cell
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      N Type Mono Bifacial PERT Solar Cell

      N-type Mono bifacial PERT (passivated emitter rear totally diffused) silicon solar cells possesses high and stabilized conversion efficiencies. N-type silicon solar cells are considered as promising alternatives to p-type solar cells for next generation highly efficient...Read More
    • N Type IBC Solar Cell
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      N Type IBC Solar Cell

      In the interdigitated back contact (IBC) cell structure the emitter and contact are both on the back side of the wafer which allows independent optimization of the front surface for optical properties and back surface for electronic properties of the emitter and...Read More
    • N Type HJT Solar Cell
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      N Type HJT Solar Cell

      Silicon Heterojunction Technology (HJT) is based on an emitter and back surface field (BSF) that are produced by low temperature growth of ultra-thin layers of amorphous silicon (a-Si:H) on both sides of very well cleaned monocrystalline silicon wafers, less than 200 μm in...Read More
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